High Performance Computing (HPC) laboratory

The High Performance Computing (HPC) is set up to centre the ever increasing demand for supercomputing facilities of researchers at DST-Mahamana Centre of Excellence in Climate Change Research, IESD, Banaras HIndu University. Regional & Global Modeling, Atmospheric and Ocean Modeling, Agriculture, Hydrology and Human Health are some of the active research areas in DST-MCECCR, IESD, BHU, where such large scale of Data computing will be used.

High Performance Computing (HPC), (also known as: Research Computing or Scientific Computing) is for those computing tasks which for some reason or another just won't run on a desktop computer.The task may be to sort through a huge amount of data, solve a difficult numerical problem, or just repeat the same calculation over and over for different situations. There are basically three types of High Performance computing architectures available, SMP (Symmetrical Multi Processor computing), Cluster computing and Grid computing. Each of these architectures is designed to handle different types of computing problems based on what is needed.

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