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1. Three new heatwave hotspots in India put large population at immediate health risk Details
2. Three new heatwave hotspots in India put large population at immediate health risk: Study Details
3. Accelerating decline in diurnal temperature range in parts of India over 30 years may put agriculture and health at risk Details
4. Heavy rainfall and flood risk now in Rajasthan and Gujarat Details
5. Met dept to come with crop forecasting centre in two years Details
6. Black carbon could lead to premature mortality: study Details
7. BHU hosts meet on climate change Details
8. Climate change analysis through Supercomputers Details
9. Climate Change makes children vulnerable to infectious diseases: study Details
10. Three new heatwave hotspots in India put large population at immediate health risk: Study Details
11. Sweetness of sugarcane reduced due to heat Details
12. Black carbon linked to premature mortality Details
13. Study identifies three prominent heatwave prone regions in India Details
14. Three Places In India Emerge As New Heatwave Hotspots, Human Population At Risk: What It Means Details
15. Study Discovers 3 New Heatwave Hotspots In India That Can Pose Serious Health Risks Details
16. Climate change: Study reveals three new heatwave hotspots in India, larger population at risk Details
17. Three new heatwave hotspots in India put population at immediate health risk finds study Details
18. Human health “highly susceptible” to severe heatwave disasters, finds study; 3 new heatwave hotspots in India pose immediate health risk–See states under impact Details
19. Northwest, Central and South-central India New Hotspot of Intense Heatwave Since Last 5 Yrs Details
20. Heatwaves emerged as a deadly health hazard putting a large population at immediate health risk Details
21. Northwestern, central and south-central India are new hotspots of intense heatwave over the past 50 years Details
22. A study found an increase in deadly Indian heatwaves in recent years Details
23. A study highlighting the need for developing effective heat action plans in these vulnerable areas Details
24. Air pollution: Study links black carbon with premature deaths Details
25. Andhra Pradesh to face severe heatwaves in future Details
26. Black carbon could help in the estimation of future burden of mortality Details
27. According to a study that tracked mortality rates, Black Carbon was most associated with premature mortality Details
28. Study Links Black Carbon With Premature Deaths Details
29. A new study has found that unchecked emission of black carbon into the environment could have a significant adverse effect on human health Details
30. Declining Diurnal Temperature Range Poses Risk to Agriculture and Health: Study Details
31. BHU scholars to study weather changes in SAARC countries Details

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