Research Areas

Aerosol sources and evolution

Aerosol properties: Fundamental heterogeneous processes to remote sensing

Aerosol observations: Ground to satellites

Aerosol-cloud-climate interactions

Aerosol-climate-health interactions

Climate change and extreme precipitation

Predicting hydrologic response to climate change using SWAT model

Hydro-meteorological drought assessment under climate change impact

Effects of climate variability and change on groundwater resources

Climate change impacts on glacier hydrology and river discharge

Climate change impacts on agriculture using crop simulation models

Crop pest-disease-Interactions under changing climate

Air Pollution impacts on crops

Impact and vulnerability assessment of agricultural crops under climate change scenarios

Climate Resilient Agricultural Practices

Understand farmers' perceptions towards changing climate and their beliefs

Climate extreme and human health

Pollution episode and human health

Aerosol-climate-health interactions

Exposure assessment


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